North East Paramedics to Wear Body Cams as Attacks Rise

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The North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) has become the first in the country to trial body cams to counter attacks on paramedics.

In the last year reports of physical assaults on paramedics in the region have increased by 23 per cent compared to last year. Forty emergency NEAS staff will have access to the body cams when on calls and if an incident unfolds they can record both vision and sound, which can later be used as evidence if a prosecution is pursued.

Paramedic, Ben Barber, is one of the first emergency workers to use the cameras.

He has been attacked when responding to 999 calls and welcomes the introduction of the the three month trial.

I see the cameras as a really good thing. Hopefully it will keep us safer in our work place. I attended an incident where the patient became very violent and aggressive towards me and the crew, damaging the equipment before leaving the property and punching the ambulance on the way to leaving the property. That could quite easily have been one of us.


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