David Moffat extends his consultancy with Edesix

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Edesix, a market leader in the Body Worn Camera solutions has announced its renewed partnership with consultant David Moffat, a former police superintendent with over 30 years of experience in the police services.

After retiring from the police in 2016, having spent the majority of his career in criminal and covert investigations, Moffat has been involved in the design and delivery of investigation training for government agencies, as well as acting as an external assessor for officers completing academic qualifications for promotion within Police Scotland.

Moffat joined Edesix in 2017 as a Police consultant, giving his invaluable insight into the police services, allowing Edesix to further develop their solution to be as effective as possible for officers.

Edesix has already enjoyed success in the Police industry with services across the world utilising the Edesix solution. Notable rollouts include the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Northumbria Constabulary, Abu Dhabi Police Service and Dubai police service. These services use Edesix Body Worn Cameras in order to both protect their officers and increase the transparency of interactions with members of the public. Body Worn Cameras have become more prevalent as a tool being used by police, and utilising Moffat’s years of experience and network of connections, Edesix has evolved their Body Worn Cameras and propriety back-end-software to suit the unique needs of Police services.
Sales Director Ken Fiddes commented on David’s increased time with Edesix:

“As we aim to roll out our solution to more police services worldwide, I’m sure that David’s insight and experience will play a key role in ensuring we meet our goals within this market."

David commented on increasing his time with Edesix:

“The level of interest in Body Worn Technology is incredible and to really add value I needed to create more capacity. I agreed that from January 2018 I was going to commit much more of my time to Edesix, continuing as a Specialist Advisor with a broader remit across the wider Emergency Services.”