Edesix to Exhibit at Retailers against Crime Conference

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Edesix, a UK-based market leader in the provision of body worn camera solutions, will be showcasing its new VideoTag at the Retailers Against Crime Conference and Exhibition on the 12th of September.

Edesix’s VideoTag has been designed primarily for use within the retail sector. The VideoTag is Edesix’s smallest, lightest and most discreet incident recorder to date and is proven to deter aggression, protect staff and provide secure evidential-quality footage on demand.

Designed for less frequent use than Edesix’s VideoBadge body worn cameras, currently the preferred camera of choice for leading UK supermarkets, the VideoTag is lightweight, unobtrusive, cost-effective and easy to use. It requires no extra training, streams live footage, and has a standby battery-life of up to three months meaning users don’t need to worry about charging the device often. The VideoTag also provides complementary audio and video capture of incidents when utilised as part of a larger body worn camera and CCTV security function.

Richie McBride, managing director of Edesix, comments:

“The VideoTag has been designed for indoor use primarily, and is specifically aimed at the retail market. The VideoTag will complement your current security function, providing additional body-worn protection to staff throughout any organisation.”

He adds: “The VideoTag allows staff in public-facing roles, who are not part of the security team, to create a safer working environment for themselves and their colleagues.”

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