Live Viewing of Body Worn Cameras aids site security

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Traditional means of site security have relied on fixed IP cameras to cover the most vulnerable areas on site. With the advent of live-streaming technology in Body Worn Cameras (BWC), both the Fixed Cameras and BWCs can work in tandem through a single Video Management System (VMS).

Fixed IP Camera set-ups were originally designed to allow security staff to have a constant view of the most at-risk areas on their premises. However, with Wi-Fi enabled BWCs, not only can the susceptible areas be secured, but other areas on site can be recorded by mobile security officers, obtaining a real-time view of incidents from the wearers perspective.

Live video and audio from BWCs worn by personnel at the site, and the feed from fixed IP cameras, can be viewed simultaneously from a centralised VMS; providing security staff with the ability to see incidents in greater detail and from multiple angles.

The Edesix VB-300 series and the new VideoTag series have the capability to share live video streams with any ONVIF compliant VMS, enabling security staff to view a greater area of their site, benefitting the overall security of the premises.

By pairing BWCs to your fixed IP cameras, not only is the site more secure due to the increased amount of coverage, security staff themselves are better protected against potential aggressors, as BWCs have been proven to deter aggressive behaviour from members of the public. If an incident does occur, then the footage captured by Edesix VideoBadge BWCs provides court-ready evidence with the necessary audit-trails and encryption.

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