Applications of Body Worn Cameras for Local Authorities

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Body Worn Cameras are currently used by local authorities across the UK to protect staff and capture evidential footage of incidents.

BWCs have been effective across all facets of local authorities, from parking enforcement to waste collection.

Parking and Civil Enforcement

Parking and Civil enforcement officers are the victims in hundreds of acts of violence each year from aggressive members of the public. Officers use Body Worn Cameras to deter aggression from members of the public and collect footage of issued tickets, to contest false claims. Body Worn Cameras have also been found to benefit officers by changing the behaviour of members of the public, de-escalating situations.

VideoBadges not only increase the transparency of interactions, they also capture footage of CEOs issuing PCNs, which can be used to dispute false claims.

Waste collection

Edesix Body Worn Cameras are used by both waste collection teams and litter wardens alike. Using a Body Worn Camera for waste collection can dissuade potential fly-tippers or catch those in the act, capturing footage of offending individuals. Litter wardens predominantly use Body Worn Cameras as a means of deterring aggressive behaviour. The camera itself acts as a visual deterrent to hostile members of the public.

Harbour Masters

Edesix VideoBadges benefit Harbour Masters as a means of mobile CCTV, recording areas that are not covered by conventional fixed IP cameras. The Port is made more secure as a larger proportion of the site is under surveillance, allowing a greater opportunity to gather evidence if needed, in the case of an incident.

Crossing Patrols

Crossing patrols use Body Worn Cameras to protect staff and children from careless drivers.
VideoBadges help at crossings where motorists fail to stop or verbally abuse crossing patrol staff as they help children across the road.

The Body Worn Cameras provide a deterrent as part of their uniform and the evidence captured helps to identify drivers and their cars, if required for a prosecution.

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