How Incident Recorders Aid Emergency Services

The Edesix VideoTag Incident Recorder is the ideal Body Worn Camera for first responders and hospitals.

The emergency services is an industry in which Body Worn Cameras (BWC) are prominent worldwide. Though most of the emphasis thus far has been on large scale rollouts to police forces and fire services, first responders and hospitals have also realised the potential of BWCs for protecting and training staff, and gathering court-ready evidence.

BWCs are an effective device for improving training and work place procedures. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees, and BWCs have been proven to be a powerful tool in helping staff tackle ongoing challenges throughout their day.

With the advent of even more advanced BWC technology, especially small incident recording devices, using BWCs for health service staff is practical, efficient and unobtrusive.

The VideoTag VT-50 Incident Recorder is the latest in BWC solutions from Edesix. Designed to complement your over-arching security function, this light-weight, discreet and easy to use body camera can be worn as part of staff uniform, ready to record at a moment’s notice.

Additionally, the VT-50 can automatically offload or stream footage when an incident is recorded via Wi-Fi.

First Responders

First responders are currently and successfully using Body Worn Cameras to improve training through showing best possible working practices.

The Resuscitation Research Group (RRG) in Edinburgh is successfully using Edesix BWCs to gather information on the success of new protocols, to evaluate interactions between paramedics, and to discern best working practice. BWCs also make it possible to assess the potential effectiveness of new equipment in the field.


Using BWCs in Hospitals offers the same training benefits as first responders, finding best practice and helping to streamline workflow. Hospitals, however, have a greater precedence put on dissuading antagonistic behaviour from members of the public, and gathering evidential quality footage in the event of an incident taking place.

BWCs have been proven to not only change the behaviour of members of the public when recording, but also provide high quality footage, which is court-ready, if needed.

Incident recorders are ideal for this kind of site security, as the cameras are only used intermittently, when an incident occurs. The three-month long standby battery on Edesix VideoTags mean that they require minimal attention from staff, and weighing only 27g, they won’t hinder work.

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