Body Worn Cameras Enhance the Future of the Fire Service

Edesix will be showcasing how Body Worn Cameras are helping to deliver a better future for the fire services at Security and Policing 2017.

Edesix Ltd., a market leader in the provision of body worn camera (BWC) solutions, will be showcasing how BWC’s are helping to deliver a better future for the fire services at Security and Policing 2017.

Edesix is the first BWC provider to supply fire services in the UK. It currently supplies fire-fighters in the West Midlands with BWCs, after a successful trial at ten Birmingham fire stations in 2016. West Midlands deployed 80 Edesix Videobadges earlier this year to be used primarily for learning and development purposes.

Stuart Boutell, Edesix’s product manager, explains: “Our Videobadges are currently being utilised to help fire-fighters gather information to review their responses to incidents. This will greatly help the review and learning processes of the fire services. The use of body worn cameras for identifying best practice is fast becoming fundamental within our all our emergency services.”

Its not only fire services which are now using Edesix’s BWCs. After a successful 2016, in which Edesix became the Body Worn Camera provider of choice for Her Majesty’s Prison Service throughout the UK, and for Police Services such as PSNI, Edesix continues to be the number one option for secure BWC solutions for security environments.

At Security & Policing 2017, Product Manager Stuart Boutell will be presenting on the future of BWCs within the fire service, highlighting their effectiveness thus far. Edesix will also be showcasing its latest array of BWCs and accessories, including the state-of-the-art X-100 head-mounted camera for firearms and tactical teams.

Edesix can be found at booth B25, whilst Stuart Boutell’s presentation will take place at 1pm on Thursday the 9th of March.

To book a place at the presentation, or to book a meeting or demonstration, please contact or call +44 131 550 3832