The Benefits of Advanced Video Management Software

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The Body Worn Camera industry is rapidly growing, with new use cases being trialled the world over. Though many companies produce BWCs, most don’t offer a matching software solution to manage and store footage.

Though having a Camera which is durable and lightweight with features such as encryption and high definition recording are the basis of using BWC footage for evidence, the back end software is just as important a factor as the camera itself.

The most important stipulation regarding the footage garnered by BWCs is how it is audited and used once captured. For Edesix VideoBadges, the footage recorded is protected by encryption keys and only the specific partnered VideoManager software with associated log-ins can allow that footage to be viewed. This design allows the footage taken to be deemed as ‘court-ready’ evidence should it be needed. This encryption mitigates one of the major fears of BWC footage, that a stolen or lost camera could have its footage taken and subsequently shared publicly, edited or deleted.

Storing sensitive footage comes with the responsibility of data protection, allowing granular access to the video recorded, so that only those permitted can see the recorded footage and maintaining this ‘evidential quality’.

Data protection and process obligations can be met through implementing role-based access controls, specific users are given restricted privileges to delete, view and create incidents or export footage, whilst administrators can control these features and more.

This is designed to allow for specific audit trails which are the invaluable asset to be gained from using advanced back end software. Footage is hashed and assigned its own unique reference number, every action is audited, enabling camera-to-court accountability.

VideoManager not only makes the recordings made by VideoBadges audit trail compliant, but also uses this software platform to enable numerous beneficial functions in terms of editing software, such as redaction features, to make the footage taken as easy to understand as possible, in order to best serve as evidence.

Edesix’s VideoManager software also benefits from its ability to integrate into Genetec’s security centre software to incorporate the footage taken by CCTV on site, as well as working in tandem with the VideoBadge VB-300’s ability to live stream, allowing those with the necessary permissions to see the perspective of the wearer live via VideoManager.

As BWCs become more popular beyond Police forces, the value of the accompanying video management software will become even more evident.