Live Viewing of Body Worn Camera Footage

Find out how you can view live footage of Body Worn Cameras using your CCTV technology.

CCTV is one of the most widely implemented forms of security equipment. Now that Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) can be integrated into a CCTV set-up to allow for live-viewing, the usefulness of CCTV systems has grown exponentially.

CCTV set-ups were originally designed to allow security staff to have a constant view of the most at-risk areas on their premises. However, with the advent of Wi-Fi enabled BWCs, not only can the vulnerable areas be secured, but the other at-risk areas on site can also be covered by mobile security officers .This can be achieved by linking the live stream from a BWC to the static CCTV Video Management Software via Edesix’s VideoManager.

Live video and audio from BWCs equipped to personnel at the site and static CCTV can be viewed simultaneously from the centralised security software; providing security staff with the ability to see incidents in greater detail and from multiple angles.

By pairing BWCs to your static CCTV, not only is the site more secure due to the increased amount of coverage, security staff themselves are better protected against potential aggressors, as BWCs have been proven to deter aggressive behaviour from members of the public. If an incident does occur, then the footage captured by Edesix VideoBadge BWCs provides court-ready evidence with the necessary audit-trails and encryption.  

The use of BWCs as an addition to a CCTV set up is most evidently beneficial to firms that have large premises to oversee, as they would not normally be able to visualise as much of the ground solely through use of CCTV.

This state of the art technology has the ability to thoroughly improve the capabilities of CCTV as a security tool and furthers the potential uses of BWCs.

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