How To Look After Your VideoBadge Body Worn Camera

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Congratulations on making a great decision to invest in your employee’s security and accountability through Edesix Body Worn Camera (BWC) solutions.

Whether you’re a Police Officer preventing crimes, a lone worker seeking protection against potential aggressors, or a parking attendant confronted with anti-social behaviour, BWCs are effective and secure in creating evidential footage. These lightweight pieces of kit are easy to use and wear, as well as being robust.

We’ve put together some handy tips on how to look after your VideoBadge to help ensure maximum efficiency and life span on your units.

No.1: Keep them clean!

By ensuring your BWC is kept away from foods and rogue cans of Irn Bru, you can help maintain clear audio and visual recordings. We do appreciate that accidents sometimes happen, so if your VideoBadge is involved in a messy accident and is under warranty, our helpful team will be on hand to support you, just head to to fill out a form and return your badge to us.

No.2: Don’t drive your car over it.

You may have seen our video of a VideoBadge getting a thorough testing under a member of staff’s wheels; this purely for research and development purposes. As durable and hardwearing as our badges are, we do not recommend routinely driving over your VideoBadge (although, as the video proves, the VideoBadge can take it!). By ensuring your BWC is worn in the correct way- secured safely via one of our many accessories to the chest or shoulder - you can continue to use your VideoBadge in a productive and safe manner, with little fear of it becoming detached and being run over.

No.3: Don’t mess with the hardware.

On the bottom of our VideoBadge VB-100 and VB-200 series cameras is a black rubber cover. This is what we like to call ‘the seatbelt’ of the VideoBadge; this secures your warranty, protects your charging point and keeps your memory board safe from that devious rain. This cover plays a vital part of protecting your VideoBadge; do not be tempted to pull it off and throw it in the bin, it is too important. This small rubber bung has been ergonomically designed so it is quick and simple to insert, sliding seamlessly into the bottom of the badge and also easily movable to allow for access to a docking station or charging cable. If you have one of our new VB-300s and are struggling to locate this rubber bung – never fear! We’ve changed our design, so your badge is safe from all-weather conditions (even the Scottish kind!) without the need for this protector.

No.4: Look after your VideoBadge.

It may seem obvious, but remembering to regularly download footage onto VideoManager, and regularly charging your device will help improve its lifespan. While our badges are designed to hold footage for an extended period of time, it never hurts to be on top of your data download. These are just some handy tips to help keep your VideoBadge in tip top shape.