Improving the CCTV Landscape

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Closed circuit television (CCTV) and body worn cameras (BWCs) are perceived as being on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to camera security. However, with the advent of Wi-Fi enablement in the Videobadge VB-300 series, CCTV and BWCs can be used conjunctively to make a more complete security system.

CCTV is fixed, perpetual, passive surveillance, whereas BWCs are mobile, incident to incident and reactive. Now that BWCs can be integrated in to a CCTV system, not only can a company rely on their fixed cameras to secure the most vulnerable areas on their premises, but also have cameras on staff to gain more coverage, allowing the areas traditionally missed by conventional CCTV to be secured, dissuading potential thieves and protecting staff. Moreover, the alternative perspective that BWCs offer mean that multiple angles of the same incident can be captured, which will aid in the security of your premises and staff.

With the sheer number of firms using CCTV as their means of security, the possibility for BWCs as a beneficial addition is evident, and presents an excellent opportunity for suppliers of BWCs and CCTV as well as the end user. Employing a BWC would be especially effective in firms that have a large amount of ground to cover, which is conventionally difficult for most static CCTV solutions.

Whilst the concept of integrating CCTV and BWCs has been attempted in the past, the potential to incorporate BWCs into a CCTV set up is more achievable than ever with the VB-300 series of VideoBadges. Since these cameras are capable of wirelessly streaming, the footage they record can be watched in real time, in tandem with an existing CCTV system.

Moreover, with software such as Edesix’s VideoManager, it’s even easier to create and edit incidents around your CCTV cameras and to bookmark events of importance, instead of watching through hours of recorded footage.

Furthermore, CCTV is an overt means of security, as much to be seen and deter as record. Similarly, BWCs are capable of changing the behaviour of an aggressor immediately, therefore mitigating the risk to staff. This is especially effective in a camera solution that is mobile, allowing a deterrent site-wide rather than in simply the most at-risk locations.

The Edesix VideoBadge VB-300 series are the ideal BWCs to integrate into a pre-existing CCTV set up, especially as Genetec, one of the world leaders in CCTV software and technology, announced last year that they would support BWC in their “Security Center” software, meaning that implementing BWCs into CCTV has never been easier.