Airport Security - A Place for Body Worn Cameras

Edesix Body Worn Cameras help protect airport workers by deterring abuse whilst capturing evidential footage.

International airports are notoriously busy, with many people passing through each day, travelling to all corners of the world, with a multitude of intentions and even more baggage. 

When visiting these transport hubs, individuals are met with a suite of security measures, designed to ensure no illegal substances, materials or dangerous items, as well as travellers with the intent to do harm, manage to board planes and enter other countries. Despite being designed to benefit the populous in general, these measures can cause friction between passengers and security personnel, resulting in complaints, verbal and occasionally even physical abuse. In situations like these, Body Worn Cameras (BWC) can serve to deter aggressive behaviour and record evidence when proven necessary.

Having been thoroughly field-tested by frontline security workers in a multitude of environments, VideoBadge Body Worn Cameras have proven themselves to be of benefit during challenging situations, often relevant to airport security.

Dealing with airport security measures at the best of times can cause individuals to become irritated, with heightened tensions when processes do not go smoothly and additional checks are conducted. When a security officer is confronted with an irritated or angry person, simply notifying him/her of the fact that they are being recorded, in most cases, calms the situation, or at the very least lowers the level of aggression directed towards the officer. Should a situation escalate beyond control, the VideoBadge will gather important video & audio footage which can be used as evidence in official investigations.

An added feature of the VideoBadge VB-300, makes it possible to livestream events via WiFi as and when they are recorded. This import feature allows staff in a designated control room to check-in to incidents as they unfold, and send assistance and support whenever they feel it is necessary. This feature guarantees a higher level of protection for both VideoBadge wearers and the people they work with, making it a valuable asset for any frontline security worker.

  • Key success factors
  • Aggression control
  • Extra protection for security staff
  • HD video & audio recordings
  • Resolve complaints & disputes quickly
  • Live-streaming via WiFi
  • Easy-to-use

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