The Conficker Worm. Are you at Risk from your Body Camera?

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It is well known that USB memory sticks present a risk of transmitting computer viruses from one machine to another. In fact, the risk is so high that many IT organizations, including many government authorities, ban the use of USB memory sticks and actively block them.

Recently there have been reports of some Body Worn Video cameras being implicated in the transmittal of the Conficker worm. Passed to your computer via a USB port, the Conficker virus is a worm which has been known to target the Windows operating system since 2008. The virus allows an attacker to access personal information stored within your PC, and due to its use of multiple malware techniques, is exceptionally difficult to counter.

How does this happen through a Body Camera?

If your Body Worn Camera system ever presents itself as a Mass Storage device, whether or not the Windows Explorer folder view pops up, then you are at risk of virus transmission. Not only will your Body Camera then be compromised, your laptop or PC will be infected, too.

Body Worn Camera systems are often used in sensitive environments, such as police headquarters, hospitals and local authorities. It is within environments such as these that the risk of a virus infection is to be taken more seriously. Personal data can be accessed such as passwords, and sensitive footage may be inappropriately obtained and shared.

Am I at risk?

Almost all Body Worn Camera systems on the market follow this model - though most hide it from you. If you are using a Body Worn Camera system which has an operational USB port allowing the Body Camera to act as a Mass Storage device, then you may be at risk.

VideoBadge – the virus-free Body Camera

The Edesix VideoBadge Body Worn Camera system never presents itself as a Mass Storage device, and so cannot be used to transmit viruses. VideoBadge ensures all footage is secure and that the device itself is virus free.

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