Why Choose Edesix VideoBadge (Body Camera)

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Many companies produce body cameras but don’t offer software solutions to manage and store footage. Having a camera that has all the key features such as encryption, pre-recording, battery life – are just as important as the software. Most organisations who purchase body cameras do so for gathering evidential footage.

Storing data from body cameras can quickly add up, one hour of standard definition footage equates to 1GB of data. There will be a vast amount of data from body cameras to manage whether it be on PCs, servers or cloud/internet. Storing footage securely comes with the responsibility of data protection, restricted access, court evidential quality…

VideoBadge is a body camera in the style of an ID badge. Edesix offers more than just a body camera it offers a body camera system solution ie software, customer support… An important reason for choosing Edesix is the software; VideoManager ensures your video and audio is securely protected. You are responsible for ensuring footage does not fall into the wrong hands.

VideoBadge body cameras are encrypted and cannot be accessed by those who are not authorised. VideoManager is Edesix’s comprehensive back-office management software suite. This software ensures the data is highly protected.

Listed below are some of the key features of VideoManager:

VideoBadge encryption keys are generated in VideoManager, exported and imported. Your VideoBadge is assigned an encryption key when it is allocated, and only VideoManager installations that have imported your encryption key can download footage from your VideoBadge. Any footage on any lost VideoBadge is practically irretrievable without these keys.

Audit trail is a valuable feature; each recorded piece of footage is searchable through the audit log. All the footage is hashed and assigned its own unique reference number, every action is audited, enabling camera-to-court accountability.

Data protection and process obligations can be met through implementing role-based access controls, users are given restricted privileges to delete, view and create incidents or export footage.

Remote VideoManager allows authorised users to access VideoManager over LAN (Local Access Network), enabling the user to access the recorded footage and incident editing.

Edesix offers a full body camera solution, we strongly believe the back end is as important as the front end.

Secure, protection and storage are vitally important.