Body Worn Cameras Enhancing Transparency

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There are many benefits that have been demonstrated throughout the world about body worn cameras. Many police forces have been issued with body worn cameras to capture the necessary evidence about particular incidents they were involved within. Not only does it protect the officer but protects members of the public.


It can be very beneficial having footage whilst being in court. From a police’s point of view it can be a great tool for capturing the person in action showing their true character and behaviour when it comes to prosecution.

The camera is an unbiased witness tool. It will improve the evidence that can be brought to court. It will no longer be one word against another’s. The video will illuminate the different interpretations and biases, the camera can show the truth.

There has been plenty of research highlighting body worn cameras can dramatically reduce complaints made against officers. It has also been proved to improve the behaviour of police and the individual when they know they are being recorded. Studies have proven that body worn cameras can reduce crime and complaints and encourage compliance. This device has been shown to save time and money throughout court processes.

They are not only a great tool for police but a valuable asset for vulnerable workers such as security and lone workers.

President Obama has recently proposed a $75 million plan that will help buy 50,000 body worn cameras for US police forces. Many studies have proven to demonstrate that body worn cameras have the ability to change the behaviour of the people they are filming.

Albrecht Schmidt is a researcher in a European-funded project on memory augmentation, this project highlights the main reason for police wearing body worn cameras. Body worn cameras offers unbiased footage. For example if a complaint is by made by the public about an officer who was forceful the body worn camera footage can be used to see exactly what happened.