Body Worn Video Assists Police in Domestic Abuse Cases

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Body worn video systems are helping police during their response to domestic abuse reports. A recent BBC Panorama documentary showed how important the evidence captured at the scene is for officers when they respond to complaints.

Using body worn cameras crucial details of the scene, injuries, the emotional state and interactions of the people involved are recorded far more effectively than in a written statement.

A trial carried out by Essex Police earlier this year showed that body cameras had a positive effect on the proportion of detections that resulted in criminal charges. This was in part due to the increased confidence of officers that they could secure a conviction based on the evidence provided by the cameras.

Both victims and officers are supported by the video and audio evidence recorded by body worn devices, helping to reduce cases where statements are retracted and increasing the likelihood of a successful prosecution.

The low-profile appearance of VideoBadge can be particularly useful when dealing with domestic incidents. It is easy to activate and non-confrontational, allowing officers to gather the facts of the case with minimal impact to the parties involved.

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