Body Worn Cameras: Major savings to Criminal Justice System

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The Chief Constable of Police Scotland, Sir Stephen House believes that body worn cameras can help to make significant savings in the criminal justice process.

In an article in the Herald Scotland today Sir Stephen argues that the cameras could pay for themselves in as little as two years.

VideoBadge cameras have been used by the former Grampian Police since 2012, where they were rolled out across the force to every frontline officer. They found that during a 12 month period 90% of cases where video evidence was used resulted in a guilty plea - saving the time of over 100 officers who would have otherwise had to attend court.

Body Worn Video can benefit officers investigating domestic abuse complaints by gathering evidence from the victim of their physical and emotional state, and also images from the scene of the incident.

The cameras provide an independent witness to events and can also help to resolve complaints quickly when the footage is reviewed.

A public consultation on the use of body worn cameras in Scotland is proposed by the Scottish Police Authority.