Increased Criminal Charges for Domestic Abuse with Body Cameras

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A recent report published by the College of Policing, shows the positive contribution body worn cameras have when dealing with domestic abuse incidents.

The trial of the cameras carried out by Essex Police earlier this year, recorded the outcomes of incidents from officers with and without body cameras to assess the impact of the equipment.

The study found that issuing officers with body worn video could be effective at increasing the proportion of detections which led to criminal charges. Sanction detections resulting in a criminal charge increased to 81% where officers attending were using body cameras, against 72% in the control group without cameras.

The report also highlighted the importance of the design and usability of the equipment as a key factor in their uptake by officers. Cameras must be easy to turn on and off and not heavy or bulky to wear.

Body worn cameras give context and atmosphere which cannot be captured as effectively by a written statement and provide powerful evidence in court for prosecution. Officers reported increased confidence in securing convictions with video footage to refer to.

Read the full report: The Essex Body Worn Video Trial.