Merseyside Police Use VideoBadge To Tackle Hate Crime

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In an innovative community project, Merseyside Police have been using VideoBadge body worn cameras to tackle hate crime 'hot spots'.

Due to the unique security features of VideoBadge, officers are able to issue cameras to repeat hate crime victims, such as takeaway or late night shop staff, safe in the knowledge that any evidence they capture is tamperproof and secure.

The cameras are activated as soon as staff feel threatened or intimidated and provide a deterrent to those behaving abusively.

Police Crime Commissioner for Merseyside, Jane Kennedy said "The quality of the images is superb. They have been used in court. When young people see the video sign they often stop misbehaving.."

The VideoBadge cameras allow victims to capture crucial evidence before the police arrive, particularly valuable when members of staff work alone. Identification of offenders and likelihood of securing a conviction is improved, although in the face of the evidence suspects are increasingly pleading guilty without the need to go to court.

Body worn cameras help police tackle race hate crime robustly, reassuring victims that it is taken seriously and giving a clear message to offenders that it will not be tolerated in their community.

See the story featured on ITV News.