VSG Tackles Workplace Violence with VideoBadge

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VideoBadge body worn cameras are being used by VSG to help reduce aggression faced by frontline staff.

VSG is one of the UK's leading suppliers of security services, whose specialisms include; guarding, systems, remote monitoring and training.

The company employs over 6,000 field based security staff who work in a variety of environments, including high profile retail sites and has a responsibility to protect those working on the frontline.

The Managing Workplace Violence programme has been set up to address issues such as abuse and aggression faced by staff, particularly when working alone.

Over the last two years VideoBadge body worn cameras have become an important element of the preventative measures VSG use to protect their security officers, by diffusing aggression early in a confrontation. The presence of the camera, which records evidential quality video and audio, has been proven to minimise physical and verbal attacks, due to the change in behaviour when people know they are being recorded.

It also serves as an independent witness to help resolve complaints and disputes quickly and fairly.

The programme is designed to equip security staff with the technology and skills they need to manage the situations they face during the course of their working day and to protect themselves and others.