West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Investigates Body Worn Video

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Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones spent time with officers from West Midlands Police this week for a demonstration of new body worn video technology.

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner investigates Edesix body worn video Led by Dave Firth, Crime and Vulnerability Officer the demonstration looked at VideoBadge cameras supplied by Edesix, which are part of a pilot project to discover new ways that technology can help officers do more with less, as budgets are reduced.

Body worn video has been proven to improve safety, reduce investigation and court time and deliver increased transparency when dealing with the public, for example in stop and search activity. Using the cameras to provide an accurate account of police interactions can also help to reduce false complaints against officers and increase public confidence.

The Commissioner is keen to explore how new technology can increase efficiency and welcomes the introduction of pilot schemes such as this to research the benefits to policing before considering a wider rollout within the force.

Andy Burke, Business Development Manager for Edesix said, “Body worn cameras are rapidly becoming a key part of frontline policing and we are committed to working with forces such as West Midlands Police to provide solutions which enable them to maintain their high standards while improving operational efficiency.”