Racial abuse captured by VideoBadge helps to secure conviction

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With increasing frequency Civil Enforcement Officers are subjected to verbal abuse as they carry out their duties on behalf of the local authority. Typically incidents of this type can be difficult to prove in a ‘one word against another’ scenario and often no charges are brought against the offender.

To address this problem, Runnymede Borough Council’s Enforcement Officers are equipped with VideoBadge body worn video, which records high quality video and audio at the touch of a button. As a result of using the device, the council has recently succeeded in securing a conviction against a man racially abusing an officer as he was carrying out his parking enforcement duties.

VideoBadge provided a record of the conversation and a clear view of the offender, which was provided as evidence to the police for them to take action.

Inspector Roger Nield, Runnymede Neighbourhood Commander, said: "Abuse of this kind will not be tolerated by Surrey Police. This case should serve as a warning that anyone behaving in this way can expect to be arrested and put before the courts."