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Enhance the Scope and Effectiveness of Your Fixed IP Cameras

CCTV is one of the most widely implemented forms of security for businesses and local authorities. Now that Body Worn Cameras (BWC) can be integrated in to a Video Management System (VMS), not only can a company rely on their fixed cameras to secure the most vulnerable areas on their premises, but they can also have cameras worn by staff to gain more coverage to obtain real-time audio and video of incidents from the point of view of staff.

Incorporating BWCs into a VMS set up is more achievable than ever with Edesix VideoTags and VideoBadges. Since these cameras are capable of wirelessly streaming, the footage they record can be watched in real time, in tandem with existing CCTV.


fixed ip cameras


Edesix VideoTags and VideoBadges are ideal BWCs to integrate into a pre-existing VMS setup. This is due to Edesix’s unique ability to integrate our management software, VideoManager, with any ONVIF compliant VMS system using our gateway software, ONStream. Edesix has already completed successful rollouts with customers using notable VMS suppliers such as Milestone and Genetec.


“Body Worn Video has become a key component within the security sector, providing a greater awareness and accountability of events for its users. However, we understand that a stand-alone system can be inefficient for larger security outfits, which is why we have worked closely with Genetec to integrate our Body Worn solution to Security Center.”

Richie McBride - Managing Director, Edesix


VideoTag VT-50

The VideoTag VT-50 incident recorder is the latest in Body Worn Camera solutions from Edesix. Intended for less frequent use than our VideoBadge range of Body Worn Cameras, the VT-50 requires minimal attention from staff. With the ability to operate on standby mode for up to three months, and to automatically offload or stream footage when an incident is recorded, the VT-50 is perfect for retail, airline and hospitality staff.


Key Features

  • EASY TO USE: Automatic RFID assign and one-push activation means the VT-50 is simple in its use
  • WI-FI ENABLED: Share footage instantly over Wi-Fi to allow for instant response
  • BATTERY-LIFE: The VT-50 can remain on stand-by for up to three months prior to activation
  • ONSTREAM COMPATIBLE: VT-50 footage can integrate with any ONVIF compliant VMS via ONStream, showing your static CCTV and body worn footage as one
  • AUDIO CAPTURE: Standard audio configuration is near field capture with background noise reduction
small discrete vt-50 camera in hand

VideoBadge VB-300

The Videobadge VB-300 series are slim, lightweight body worn cameras which attach easily with Klick Fast to your uniform. The devices are robust, weatherproof and easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. The front display area of the camera can be customised to your specific needs, making it clear to everyone that video recording is taking place. Furthermore, the wireless streaming function allows you to connect from the street to Headquarters live, to streamline the operation of your patrols.

vb-300 body worn camera

Key Features

  • EASY TO USE: Simply push front button to start and stop recording
  • SECURE: The video and audio is kept securely on the camera with no removable SD card, and is encrypted
  • BOOKMARKING: Indicate key moments in your recording as they occur, for later review
  • FRONT FACING LED: A clear and visible indication that footage is being recorded
  • WIDE ANGLED LENS: Wide angle, 130 degree horizontal field of view
  • AUDIO CAPTURE: Standard audio configuration is near field capture with background noise reduction

Fixed IP Camera integration

By pairing BWCs with your fixed IP cameras through a VMS, not only will your premises be more secure due to the increased amount of coverage, staff themselves are better protected against potential aggressors, as BWCs have been proven to deter aggressive behaviour from members of the public. If an incident does occur, then the footage captured by Edesix VideoBadge BWCs provides court-ready evidence with the necessary audit-trails and encryption.

VideoManager / ONStream

Edesix’s VideoManager software is able to integrate into any ONVIF compliant VMS, allowing Edesix BWC footage to be incorporated into onsite CCTV monitoring. This gateway for VideoManager, called ONStream, enables any ONVIF compliant VMS to be unified with VideoBadge and VideoTag cameras, providing unparalleled detail of incidents as they unfold. Edesix BWCs are capable of streaming live video and audio feeds from multiple perspectives and viewpoints to a control room, whilst simultaneously recording footage in HD quality locally to the device for the creation of complete evidence packages.

videomanager / onstream vms integration

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We're happy to assist with any questions or requests you may have regarding our products and services.