Police & Criminal Justice

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Police & Criminal Justice

Police on the front line have found that body worn video helps prevent both criminal and anti-social behavior when out on patrol. Additionally, the captured footage not only provides greater transparency of the interactions with the public, but can also significantly increases early guilty pleas when used in a prosecution.

The Videobadge is designed to be a simple, unobtrusive addition to your equipment, weighing just 140g even in its heaviest form.

VideoBadge VB-300

The Videobadge VB-300 series are slim, lightweight body worn cameras which attach easily with Klick Fast to your uniform. The devices are robust, weatherproof and easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. The front display area of the camera can be customised to your specific needs, making it clear to everyone that video recording is taking place. Furthermore, the wireless streaming function allows you to connect from the street to Headquarters live, to streamline the operation of your patrols.


"As an evidence-gathering tool they have surpassed our initial expectations and the results really do speak for themselves.”

Police Scotland

Features & Benefits

Key Features

  • HD video & audio recording
  • 8-14 hours continuous recording capacity
  • Secure and encrypted storage
  • KlickFast compatible
  • Pre-record function available
  • Robust & waterproof
  • Easy to use - minimal training required

Key Success Factors

  • Early guilty pleas thanks to supporting evidence
  • Significantly fewer officers required to appear in court
  • Reduced number of civilian witnesses required to appear in court
  • Quicker and just handling of formal complaints
  • Less aggression by members of the public towards Officers
  • Increased feeling of safety for Officers and the community


VideoManager is the comprehensive back-office management software suite developed by Edesix for managing VideoBadge or 3rd party cameras. This web-based back-office gives you complete control over your entire complement of VideoBadges, as well as footage from third party cameras, making the creation of evidence-ready footage fast, simple and secure.

VideoManager Responsive