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Oxford University Hospitals

Oxford University Hospitals


NHS Foundation Trust - Overview

Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) is one of the largest NHS teaching trusts in the UK, employing more than 12,000 staff and encompassing four hospitals; the John Radcliffe Hospital, the Churchill Hospital, the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, and the Horton General Hospital.

The Trust handles over one million patients each year, and last year 130,000 of these were emergency department attendances.

Due to an increasing number of security incidents on the hospitals’ premises, the Trust engaged in using Body Worn Cameras (BWC) to help de-escalate situations, provide evidential footage of incidents, safeguard the security team against false accusations, and serve as an aid in conducting investigations when proven necessary.


“I particularly liked the pre-record facility, as we often have incidents that blow up out of nothing, and using this function will ensure that evidence of the build-up is shown”.

Oxford University Hospitals Representative


The Challenge

Hospitals are not only charged with protecting the welfare of patients; staff, equipment, visitors and medication all fall under the hospital’s security remit. NHS security staff are expected to immediately handle incidents which may threaten hospital security.

With the number of incidents and falsely filed complaints increasing over past years, the pressure on the Trust’s security team, as well as their need for more personal protection and an efficient method for gathering evidence, has grown considerably.


The Solution

BWCs were identified by OUH as the as the ideal tool for confrontation prevention, de-escalation of incidents and efficiently recording footage of notable security instances as and when they occur. When necessary, these high quality recordings can be shared with the police or used to investigate the validity of accusations made against the security team.

OUH opted to use the VideoBadge from Edesix as their BWC of choice. Purchased through Tranex, OUH’s trusted Security Provider, the VideoBadge was found to be appealing in its lightweight design and compact size, yet robust and durable with excellent recording capacity and battery-life.



VideoBadges are now worn and used by all active Security Officers at each of the Trust’s sites. Despite being mainly used in cases of aggression in Emergency Departments, the cameras have proven their versatility and worth throughout each of the hospital’s many departments.

The most prolific features of the Edesix BWC solution, according to the OUH, include the ease of use of both the camera and accompanying software, the automatic uploads feature and the badge’s pre-record function.



Trusted Security Provider to OUH, Tranex Telecommunications has been at the forefront of developments in the communications field since its foundation in 1978, supplying security peripherals nationwide to the trade for almost 40 years.


“Excellent quality hardware with the software to back it up!”

Robert Wileman, Sales Manager at Tranex


Robert Wileman, Sales Manager at Tranex, personally recommended the Edesix Body Worn Camera system to the OUH due to the high quality of both the VideoBadge hardware, and the VideoManager software.



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