Cabot Circus Shopping Centre Security

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Cabot Circus Shopping Centre Security




Cabot Circus is a modern, stylish shopping centre located in the heart of Bristol. The centre aims to offer the ultimate retail experience to its visitors, and houses over 90 stylish stores, a 13-screen cinema, offices, a hotel and no less than 250 apartments under its unique glass-panelled roof. The centre attracts thousands of visitors each day and boast an expert team of security personnel.

Providing visitors with this exclusive level of service and experience cannot be achieved without first establishing a safe and stable environment. In order to ensure a high level of security and efficiency, without creating tension between officers and visitors, Cabot Circus embarked upon a trial of Body Worn Cameras (BWC) which allowed staff to obtain CCTV-style footage of any escalated incidents.

By obtaining video evidence, security staff at Cabot Circus could ascertain whether an incident should become a police, insurance or complaint matter.


“The VideoBadge gave us the ability to review how we dealt with incidents, from each officer’s perspective, during debriefs, helping us to identify and demonstrate best practice and continuously improve as a team.”

Christopher Hayes, Service Support Manager of Security, Cabot Circus


The Challenge

With an expansive number of stores, visitors and valuables under its roof, the need for efficient security measures was, and will remain to be, a priority for centres such as Cabot Circus.

Not only are security officers expected to remain vigilant and respond to incidents with appropriate action, but this must be achieved whilst representing the centre and remaining approachable at all times. Confrontation prevention and documentation of escalated incidents were found to be key areas for continuous improvement at Cabot Circus, resulting in the search for a solution capable of facilitating this, whilst remaining in line with the centre’s customer-focussed values.


The Solution

BWCs were quickly identified by Cabot Circus’ security support team as the ideal tool for aiding officers in confrontation prevention, incident de-escalation and the recording of notable security instances when they occur. High quality recordings, such as those achieved by BWCs, were expected to better protect officers, the public and the organisation, whilst providing Cabot Circus with the means to identify and demonstrate best practice within its security team.

When reviewing differing models of BWC, the VideoBadge from Edesix was identified as the most suitable product, thanks to its discreet and unobtrusive look and ID-badge style appearance which is perfect for public-facing staff.



Due to the simplicity of the system, security staff based at Cabot Circus were able to implement the VideoBadge and VideoManager software with ease, and have a suite of BWCs which are utilised daily. Edesix VideoBadges soon proved their worth and were, on many different occasions, able to de-escalate situations by serving as a deterrent of aggressive behaviour, and provide high quality evidence to police for use in further investigations.

According to Service Support Manager of Security, Christopher Hayes, the service Cabot Circus provides has been significantly enhanced thanks to the use of the VideoBadges, as they have proven to be an effective training tool and an easy to use solution for documenting evidence, whilst allowing the security officers to maintain a soft, customer focused image.



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