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Evidential Footage

  • International airports are notoriously busy, with many people passing through each day, travelling to all corners of the world, with a multitude of intentions and even more baggage. 

  • The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) have begun using 400 Edesix VideoBadges in Belfast as their force wide roll-out begins. The deployment has already garnered significant press coverage with the story being featured in multiple publications and on TV, receiving coverage not only from national newspapers, but also from industry specialists.

  • Edesix Ltd., a market leader in the provision of body worn camera (BWC) solutions, will be showcasing how BWC’s are helping to deliver a better future for the fire services at Security and Policing 2017.

  • Environment Agency enforcement teams in the East Midlands have adopted wearing body worn video cameras in their fight against crime following a successful six-month trial of the practice in the North-East.

  • South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) has agreed to trial Edesix Body Worn Video Cameras to better protect ambulance crews against violence and aggression.

  • Edesix features in this month's Care Home Management Mangazine. Click hereto read the article in full.

  • This week Edesix attended the IACP (The International Association of Chiefs of Police) in San Diego with one of our American Partners, Federal Signal. The event saw Edesix showcasing its upcoming products designed for Police.

  • Edesix Ltd., a market leader in the provision of body worn camera (BWC) solutions, has announced it will showcase the latest in in-car video at this year’s IACP conference in San Diego.

  • Evidence from a body-camera has helped convict a woman for driving without due care and attention.

  • The emergency services is an industry in which Body Worn Cameras (BWC) are prominent worldwide. Though most of the emphasis thus far has been on large scale rollouts to police forces and fire services, first responders and hospitals have also realised the potential of BWCs for protecting and training staff, and gathering court-ready evidence.

  • Closed circuit television (CCTV) and body worn cameras (BWCs) are perceived as being on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to camera security. However, with the advent of Wi-Fi enablement in the Videobadge VB-300 series, CCTV and BWCs can be used conjunctively to make a more complete security system.

  • CCTV is one of the most widely implemented forms of security equipment. Now that Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) can be integrated into a CCTV set-up to allow for live-viewing, the usefulness of CCTV systems has grown exponentially.

  • The North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) has become the first in the country to trial body cams to counter attacks on paramedics.

  • A woman’s claim that she was assaulted by police has been thrown out after body-cam footage helped prove it didn’t happen.

  • Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) have been a burgeoning tool used by police and security companies the world over. It has been reported that as many as 6,000 police forces in America alone use some kind of BWC. With this mass of footage being recorded, new laws have been put in place in order to either allow for complete public access to footage taken, or keep it solely for police use.

  • The Body Worn Camera industry is rapidly growing, with new use cases being trialled the world over. Though many companies produce BWCs, most don’t offer a matching software solution to manage and store footage.

  • Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) are currently used to great effect by Police and Fire services, as a means to collect evidence and deter aggression against officers. After successful large- scale roll outs for both of these services, first responders and ambulance staff have begun trialling BWCs.

  • Body Worn Cameras (BWC) have become a prevalent tool used by police forces and security firms the world over. The use of cameras in these markets has led to other industries, such as retail and venue security, trialling BWCs as a means of protecting staff and deterring aggressive behaviour.

  • Body Worn Cameras (BWC) are fast becoming a staple in police department worldwide. Furthermore, their use in the private sector is too, burgeoning. Though the cameras themselves are of critical importance to these initiatives, it is becoming more evident that a full security solution built around BWCs is often the secret to their success.

  • Traka UK has joined forces with Edesix, the principal manufacturer of Body Worn Cameras, to ensure equipment used across the UK Prison Service is safely stored and efficiency managed.

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