PSNI Appoint Edesix as Body Worn Video Supplier

"Body Worn Video has the potential to improve the quality of evidence provided by Police officers"

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Industry Solutions


Police & Criminal Justice

Police Industry SolutionEdesix Body Worn Camera solutions help in preventing criminal & anti-social behaviour directed at Police Officers. Captured footage provides greater transparency of the Police Service to the general public, and significantly reduces the requirement for officers and members of the community to attend court proceedings in the case of escalated situations. Save time, protect officers and create secure evidential footage using one solution.



Security Industry SolutionWhether protecting people or property, security personnel are often confronted by aggressive, abusive or malicious individuals in situations of heightened threat. Our Body Worn Camera solutions help protect security professionals by deterring aggressive behaviour and record evidential footage should escalated situations require legal proceedings.


Parking & Civil Enforcement

Parking Industry SolutionWhen dealing with the public, Civil Enforcement Officers are often confronted with anti-social behaviour & abuse. The easy-to-use lightweight VideoBadge with full ID holder helps to protect CEO’s & the public by acting as a deterrent to aggressive behaviour whilst recording evidential footage for criminal prosecution, should this prove necessary.


Lone Workers & Field Agents

Lone Worker Industry SolutionUsed by lone workers & field agents in civil enforcement, the NHS and security roles, discreet and inoffensive VideoBadges provide effective protection against aggression and often eliminate the need to activate a panic alarm or radio during incidents. Share footage securely on the go or from your home with our unique lone worker solution, and eliminate time spent returning to HQ to download footage.


Healthcare & First Responders

HealthCare Industry SolutionIt is a disappointing fact that ambulance personnel & hospital staff are often confronted with aggression & violence when tending to an emergency situation. The VideoBadge has proven to deter aggression in such cases, and record video & audio evidence should a situation escalate. Our Body Worn Camera solution has also been proven to assist in training and auditing of paramedics or remote staff.


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